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Biennale for Contemporary Photography - From Where I Stand /// Collective Minds 19 March-22 Mai 2022

In our networked society we use, share, and communicate with images in order to get and feel connected. To photograph and film oneself is a powerful tool to express one's identity and to search for like-minded people. Social media platforms offer spaces to present and find support for lifestyles which deviate from mainstream views.

Anna Ehrenstein, Anouk Kruithof und Kelebogile Ntladi have created networks on- and offline with young people from a multitude of backgrounds, with creative entrepreneurs in Senegal and queer communities in South Africa. The works in Collective Minds are situated in fashion, sports, and popular music spheres, in which identity plays a central role. In doing so, the artists bring forward modes of living together and create collective minds across borders and beyond prejudices.

Through this collective effort, the exhibition Collective Minds evokes a vibrating energy, in which the process of making the works becomes tangible.

360° tour of the exhibition


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