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Harte Zeiten / Cięžkie Czasy

Harte Zeiten I
July 31, 2021 — September 12, 2021

Harte Zeiten II
September 25, 2021 — November 7, 2021

Elisabeth Bereznicki (DE), Julia Braciszewska (PL), Isa Dahl (DE), Tomasz Dobiszewski (PL), Kuba Elwertowski (PL), UWE Ernst (DE), Marta Filipiak i Łukasz Owczarzak (PL), Martina Geiger-Gerlach (DE), Piotr Grodzki (PL), Sophie Innmann (DE), Jan Jansen (DE), Ulrika Jäger (DE), Tanja Niederfeld (DE), Krzysztof Nowicki (PL), Grzegorz Pleszyński (PL), Stefanie Reling-Burns (DE), Marta Szymielewicz (PL), Dorota Ścisła (PL), Katinka Theis (DE), Trzoska Sebastian (PL). 


Harte Zeiten/Ciężkie Czasy is a Polish-German project which aims to promote dialogue and cooperation through exhibitions, studio visits and a symposium. Behind it is the desire, at a time of an increasingly acute political and social climate, to highlight – as a counterbalance – common European values based on humanist traditions. Art is always a reflection of social attitudes. It also raises questions and stimulates reflection, for example on how we, both as individuals and as a society at large, can meet the challenges of the present and the future. The twenty artists taking part in the project address the theme of Harte Zeiten / Ciężkie Czasy in an extremely diverse way – from isolation, the search for identity and belonging to social groups, through homeland, Europe and environmental degradation, to the ability to navigate the world of information and progressive social change.
The artists were selected through an open call for participation. The exhibitions and accompanying events are also a great opportunity to expand contacts between institutions and artists from Bydgoszcz and Mannheim, which have been partner cities for thirty years now, and to continuously develop Polish-German cooperation.
Harte Zeiten / Ciężkie Czasy is the fruit of the collaboration between Municipal Gallery bwa in Bydgoszcz, Künstlerbund Baden-Württemberg and PORT25 – Raum für Gegenwartskunst in Mannheim. The team working on the project: Kim Behm, Simone Demandt, Agnieszka Gorzaniak, Karolina Leśnik-Patelczyk, Clemens Ottnad, Yvonne Vogel, Julia Wenz (jury), Tomasz Zieliński. The exhibitions will take place simultaneously in PORT25 – Raum für Gegenwartskunst in Mannheim and in the Municipal Gallery bwa in Bydgoszcz. The first part is planned for 30.07–12.09.2021. Then the exhibitions will swap places – the works shown in Mannheim will be presented in Bydgoszcz, and the exhibition from Bydgoszcz will go to Mannheim (24.09–07.11.2021). A total of twenty artists (ten Polish and ten German) will present their work as part of this project, with each exhibition featuring the work of five Polish and five German artists. Each presentation will be accompanied by an extensive programme including guided tours, talks with artists and workshops. In addition, there will be a performance weekend and an international symposium in September. A catalogue will also be published at the end of the project.
The project Harte Zeiten / Ciężkie Czasy takes place under the honorary patronage of the Mayor of Bydgoszcz, Rafał Bruski, and under the patronage of the Mayor of Mannheim, Dr. Peter Kurz. Honorary patronage was also taken by the Honorary Consul of the Federal Republic of Germany, Dr Jarosław Włodzimierz Kuropatwiński.

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